My Daily Strength

About My Daily Strength

The global scenario today witnesses violence, hatred, terrorism, wars etc. but for a God's child like you, you experience a divine peace which only "The LORD is Peace" Jehovah-Shalom can give. This "Daily Bible Companion" in your hand is the divine work of the Holy Spirit who is "the Source" behind every word printed in this book. Jehovah-Shalom, the LORD is Peace instills in you His solace, comfort and encouragement and you are blessed.

Late Rev. Dr. John Joseph (1953-2007), the Prophet of the Century, through whom God revealed many things that were going to take place, had a vision to publish a daily Bible reading devotional booklet, which would help every believer to learn more about the Holy Scriptures. As King Solomon fulfilled the desire of his father King David to build a sanctuary for God, Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar, the spiritual son of late Rev. Dr. John Joseph, fulfilled his vision. With much burden for the extension of Christ’s Kingdom, the first book came into print in September 2007. In January 2008, the annual edition was launched. For the glory of God and for His name to be magnified, this year is the eighth consecutive year in succession of the book being printed.

The daily devotion was aptly named “My Daily Strength” as every reader derives the day’s strength from God. This daily devotion was first published only in English and Tamil. To benefit the readers of other languages, year after year, it was translated into other regional languages like Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and Oriya. This is the perfect implementation of God’s command, and no individual takes any glory.

Each devotional page comes with a Bible portion for the day, a key verse, a daily message that explains the Scripture passage or text, the Bible in one year, a short prayer and a deep provoking thought that relates to that day’s message. This is to enable every reader to draw closer to God, and to be blessed by the Saviour.

Do not miss even a day in reading the message for the day, for each day’s text will help you draw closer to God as God speaks to you personally through every word in the book.

This daily devotion that has reached your hand, comes with much fasting and prayers, to help you lead a witnessing and testimonial life. Do not forget to give copies to your friends and relatives, and help them to receive blessings.

We will be much encouraged to hear from you.