My Daily Strength

The LORD's presence in you -- Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar

Scripture : '... the LORD was with Joseph and he was a prosperous man; ...' Genesis 39:2.

The presence of God in you makes you a blessed person. Unless and until you do things which are good in the sight of God, God will not be pleased with you.

The LORD was with Joseph and he became a prosperous man. Why was the LORD with Joseph? It was because he fled from evil and put God first in his life. Joseph's priority was God alone. He sought God and none other.

Can you examine your life and see whether you are truly following what the Word of God says? Today, many lives end up in failure because they lead a life of disobedience and they give way to the acts of sin.

Beloved in Christ, God has chosen you to prosper in this world and not be a pauper. He blesses you to be the head and not the tail. God has chosen you as a ruler. How much do you repay God?

Joseph learnt this secret. His inner man always looked to God for he knew it was God who was leading him. Though God chose him from the furnace of affliction, yet he overcame it by leading a life that pleased God. The LORD desires that each and everyone of you become like Joseph who will fear him and lead a good life. It is the LORD's wish that all souls should belong to Him.

Even today as you read this, lead a life that pleases God and walk with Him. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Prayer : LORD, I will walk with Thee always and be an example. Amen.

Thought for the Day : Everyday walk with God paves the way for an everlasting life.