My Daily Strength

The desire of the righteous -- Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar

Scripture : 'The desire of the righteous is only good' Proverbs 11:23

Every righteous person gets his righteousness only through the blood of Jesus Christ. Only God is righteous and none else. But if you are His child, washed by His blood, you are covered by His righteousness and you become righteous in the sight of God. The desire of the righteous are led by the Spirit of God. To be governed by righteousness is only good and not evil. Is it not a great joy to be good and righteous so that you receive blessings from God? Even now as you live on this earth you will witness blessings in your family and in everything you do.

Dear child of God, remember, you belong to your God. Say this to yourself every second of the day. Remind yourself that you are God's seed. Nothing of the worldly nature or wickedness of satan can enter your heart or mind to defile the conquering power of God that is there in you. You will resist every wicked foe that you come across. You will gain victory, joy and peace.

Do not fear or panic as God will be your safeguard, your refuge and your strength. Move forward in this race to win your crown of glory which is kept for you by the LORD. The desire of the righteous is that somehow they should receive the crown of glory and be empowered with God's blessings. Search your heart today and see what is your desire and goal on this earth. Through which spirit are you being guided today? Let the Holy Spirit transform you to be glad and shine only for God and nothing else. Miracles and wonders will happen as long as you walk with the LORD, otherwise you will be robbed of the blessings.

Prayer : LORD, let my soul seek after the righteousness of God. Amen.

Thought for the Day : The soul of the righteous flourishes