My Daily Strength

The unadulterated Word -- Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar

Scripture : 'Thy Word is very pure: therefore Thy servant loveth it' Psalm 119:140

In this world, both in heaven and on earth, only one remains standard and forever and unadulterated. It is God's Word. The Word of God is very pure and refined. His servants and those who fear Him love the Word. This is because the Word is God and and every Word that God speaks and has spoken never comes back void. When God speaks the Word the creative power flows and it remains created. None can tamper the original Word which comes forth from the mouth of the LORD. Those who love the Word love to obey the Word and follow the instructions and the message of the Word. Their implicit obedience to God's Word makes them a blessing.

My dear brother and sister, do you love the Word of God? Do you read the Word of God everyday and obey it? Do you read the Word of God because you love it, or are you being forced to read it? Do you follow the instructions in the Word of God and try to obey the Word of God? Check your life today. Give glory to God.

If one follows this Word, his life becomes transformed. He becomes the salt and a light to this earth. My dear friend in the LORD, your total concentration in God's Word to ponder and analyse will definitely fetch you a lot of wonders and miracles. At the same time, if you neglect God's Word you will be in a mess. You will miss the message of the hour. Man cannot live by bread alone but by every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God. Hence, God's Word is very important for your survival.

Prayer : LORD, let me hold on to the Word firmly. Amen.

Thought for the Day : The Word in us is worth more than billions.